Aggstein Weissenkirchen Dürnstein

Places of interest

The Wachau valley is absolutely worth seeing. All sights are within a radius of 30 km and easy to get at with the car or even with the bike. 



Use the ferry to go to the other side of the Danube shore. Dürnstein, a real small town, is the most known place of the Wachau valley. The charming town offers picturesque scenery and the ruins of the Kuenringer Castle, which still overlook Dürnstein. The ruins of the castle are a place of historic interest, because the English King Richard Lionheart was held there as a prisoner. 


You have a great view of Dürnstein from the terrace of our guesthouse!




One of the highlights of the Wachau valley is travelling by ship through the amazing landscape. Enjoy the breathtaking and special view!



Stift Göttweig

Close to our guesthouse is the Göttweig Abbey. The Monastery sits on a hill in the Dunkelsteiner Forest, from where you can overlook Krems.



Stift Melk

The Melk Abbey has always been an important cultural and spiritual center of this country. The building was designed by Jakob Prandtauer and is a great example for baroque style.



Blossom of the apricot

In spring blooms the apricot tree (the appointed day changes every year a little bit – it depends on the weather). For a few days the Wachau valley is wrapped into a white dress – an amazing spectacle. You shouldn’t miss it!

Dürnstein Wachau Schiff auf der Donau Stift Melk Wachau Marillenblüte in der Wachau